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Alan Ribeiro Mól

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NetWheels: App created using R/Shiny to generate peptide Helical Wheels and Nets.

Note: in case you're looking for NetWheels from the LBQP website, this is the same one. The laboratory website has been suffering technical problems and I decided to host the App on my own, at least for the time being. You can also download the source code from GitHub and run it locally.

FastaTools: App created using R/Shiny to perform different tasks with FASTA files such as filters and merges.

Meu Blog: My blog (in portuguese), rarely updated.

Água: Flash 8 didatic material about water properties (in portuguese).

Siglas de Brasília: A list with all the acronyms of the city of Brasília.

Reverse Text: A simple browser extension to reverse text.

Páginas Profissionais

Currículo Lattes: My academic curriculum.

Linkedin: Meu profile.

Research Gate: My academic social network profile.

Other pages Some basic information about me and a contact form.

Stack Exchange: My Stack Exchange profile, mostly used for Stack Overflow.