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This website is now in English! - Alan Mól

This website is now in English!

A couple weeks ago I was talking to some non-Brazilian people about my career and whatnot, when I immediately thought I should send them the link to this website. Before doing so I opened it (because surprisingly it's not something I do very often!), only to realize it was in Portuguese.

Obviously Portuguese was a natural choice of language for me, but at the same time it makes the website almost usless for anyone that doesn't speak the language. On the other hand, I have faith that most people that will stumble upon this website will be able to get the grasp of the information here even if it's in English. Not to say it looks international and cool! 😎

So, the website is now in English. Thankfully there was not a lot of content to translate... And of course, it's not worth the trouble to have it in both languages, especially considering I'd suffer having to remember the ways around Gatsby again.

I don't post here very often, so this will probably be the top post for a long time. See you in a few years!